CADDManager on November 15th, 2007

The Standard is an Ideal – you may never reach perfection. In fact you most likely will not ever see a perfect set of CAD files in your entire career. But that does not mean that we just throw up our hands and give up trying. How many perfect games have there been by Major League Baseball pitchers. The list is quite short when compared to the number of games played. Only 17 players have ever pitched a perfect game in MLB History. But they don’t stop trying.

When you are developing your standard, set the bar high. Write it as if you were going to hit the target every time. Create on paper, the perfect set of files and then try hard to meet that standard.

Keep in mind that while you are shoot for perfection, you need to be rooted in reality. Don’t set something up that can never be reached. It should be possible (if someone is insanely diliegent and is the only one working on a set of files and not on else touches them) to reach the ideal.

Most of the time you will get close and most of the time close is better than not trying.

As you set the bar high (the dashed red line), your quality should be improving over time (the black line). The reality is often a jagged line of greater and lesser quality (the dashed blue line) that hopefully improves as time goes by.

By setting the bar a little higher, you keep moving the average quality level up. This spurs everyone on to do better as they gain more talent in CAD and a better understanding of the Standard.

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One Response to “CAD Standards – An Ideal”

  1. More than once in my life I have seen a perfect set of CAD files delivered on time which were worked on/created by a small group of CAD people. What was required to achieve this was a clear well developed CAD standard, a clear working method, and regular tea & cakes on Fridays to just gel together as a group to discuss CAD related topics such time scales and weighing scales. Think reality = mnemonics for file, directory, database, symbology structure. After all drawing are supposed to be easy to understand to the other person.

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