CADDManager on October 17th, 2007

“Today we’re presented with images in movies, on TV, and in the press that are of such good quality we don’t even think to consider whether the picture is of something that exists in reality or if it was generated by computer software. Of course, the right tools combined with the skills of computer graphics (CG) artists are central to the final result. Movies such as “Final Fantasy”, with its human forms crafted in CG, can be considered as being at the high-end of the range of uses for CG imagery that mimics real-life, but there are many more day-to-day examples that challenge our ability to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Spend a few minutes with our reality check and see if you can tell the difference…”

You can try to pick the real ones and the fake ones. Would CG artists consider their work “fake”?

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If you are a CG artist, you can even submit one of your own for possible inclusion.

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