CADDManager on October 31st, 2007

Finally – someone is publishing information about how much BIM is being used.

This is from the Interoperability in the Construction Industry SmartMarket Report – a 36-page printed report (available as hard copy or FREE PDF) that reviews the results of research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics during late-Spring 2007.

This is from a very interesting report.

Purchase it or download the Free PDF here

One Response to “BIM Use – from Construction Industry SmartMarket Report”

  1. This article ends up being a kick in the gut for Autodesk. Autodesk developers keep dividing software into specialty groups (engineering, MEP, etc) without necessarily devising an efficient way to get “interoperability” between the various software packages. If this research is accurate, the following seems to surface: much of the push for BIM comes out of the Autodesk marketing realm, but they also appear to be causing some of the biggest obstacles to interoperative BIMs.
    While it’s no secret software companies are out to make money from us, it is possible to do so without causing the industry to spin its wheels patching software together with band-aids and then rebuilding data anyway.

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