CADDManager on September 11th, 2007

Next on our tour of the Layer II toolbar is the CopytoLayer command.

Click the command and then select a layer that you want to copy onto another layer. This does not move the entity, it makes a copy of it on the target layer. Once you have selected the entities, hit enter and the select the target layer.

If you type in “N” for name, it displays a list of layers that you can select as the destination layer. (note: these are not my layer names – it is a demo file from Autodesk). You can also enter a name in the Destination Layer box to create a new layer. The new layer inherits the properties (on/off, freeze/thaw, locked/unlocked, etc.) of the current layer.

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  1. you can also set a command reactor – ie if the mtext command is activated then the text entered will be on a certain layer automatically :

    Private Sub AcadDocument_BeginCommand(ByVal CommandName As String)
    ‘Remember – command ie LINE must be in capitals
    Dim objLayer As AcadLayer
    Dim strLayerName As String

    If CommandName = “MTEXT” Or CommandName = “TEXT” Then
    strLayerName = (“0cm-Annot-Text”)
    Set objLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add(strLayerName)

    If ThisDrawing.Layers.Item(“0cm-Annot-Text”).Freeze = True Then
    ThisDrawing.Layers.Item(“0cm-Annot-Text”).Freeze = False
    ElseIf ThisDrawing.Layers.Item(“0cm-Annot-Text”).LayerOn = False Then
    ThisDrawing.Layers.Item(“0cm-Annot-Text”).LayerOn = True
    End If

    ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer = objLayer
    ThisDrawing.SendCommand “_MText” & vbCr: ThisDrawing.SendCommand “_regen” & vbCr

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