CADDManager on July 11th, 2007

Will Rogers once said “Common sense ain’t common”.

That rings true in CAD circles and much a politics. Maybe more in CAD than you may think. When thinking of the things that should be “common sense” it become apparent that some folks are just not thinking at all.

Here is another common sense approach related to CAD:

Take a second look at your work

How many times have I seen bad CAD habits that are obvious when you look at the hardcopy output. Just looking at what you have drawn will show you if it is good or not. But how do you look at it. Not just a quick glance. It is called “Back Checking”. When you pick up redmarks, you mark off what you have drawn on the markup. That way you are sure that you have gotten it all. In CAD you look at it on screen or on hardcopy.

On Screen: Zoom in and look at the linework. Did you use OSNAP? Are the line touching that should be touching? Check the layer names. Use the LAYERWALK command to see if everything is on the right layer. Switch over to a 3D view and make sure your linework or objects are as they should be.

On Paper: Look to see if the line weights are correct. Compare it to the markups to see if you picked up everything. Make sure that everything is plotted out correctly. No layers turned off by mistake. No strange lines coming from the edge of a Viewport that should not be seen. Everything that should be seen is seen. No leader lines cut off the prints. No half words, cut off from the full sentence.

So just by taking a second look at your work you can avoid so much effort of coming back to get it right.

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