CADDManager on May 8th, 2007

    More info from the 2008 Readme file… The road to 2008 seems to run thru 2007

    AutoCAD 2007 File Format

  • For best results, it is recommended that drawings in a previous to 2007 format be opened and saved in the 2007 format before attempting to combine them, through Block Insert or Xref, with 2007 format drawings. (Comment: This seems like a large demand. Has anyone had troubles with this? Leave a comment.)

  • Issues in Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007

  • To be able to reference edit drawings saved from AutoCAD Architecture 2008 in Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007, the variable LayerEval needs to be set to 0 in AutoCAD Architecture 2008. This is a per drawing setting.

    Issues from Previous Version Drawings

  • Previous version drawings that include slabs or roof slabs with boolean additions will need to have the appropriate shrink wrap component turned on in order to display the full volume of the object.

  • Slabs that contain boolean operations will be converted to interference conditions with additive interferences being applied to the slab’s shrink wrap body display component. By default, slab and roof slabs in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 have the model shrink wrap body display component turned off, so this option will need to be turned on in order to see additive interferences from legacy slabs.

  • Project Standards in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 will not operate when either the standards drawings or project drawings have not been promoted to the 2007 format. When a project is promoted from a previous version to the current drawing and project format, Projects Standards automatically assigns new versions to many objects and it will be necessary to synchronize the project again. Prior to this action, the standards drawings should be opened, a new version comment should be added through either Style Manager or Display Manager and then the standards drawings should be saved in 2007 format.

    If an entire project remains unpromoted, the analyzing project drawings dialog will appear blank with an empty progress meter. This condition will clear once the entire project has been processed.

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