CADDManager on March 8th, 2007

Ethereal CAD is an environment that is all talk and no action. It is a place where everyone wants to have standards but no one wants to follow them. It is a system that is too theoretical because everyone has a good idea and none of them match. Files are created, named and stored all over the map. No one is using the same CTB or STB files.

It appears to be every man for himself, yet there is a thread of desire to get on the same page. There is just no follow through on making it happen. The Principles are there, but there is no standards. Everyone talks of standardizing but no one is ready to give up what they are doing to get on the same page with everyone else.

Do you have hints of this?

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One Response to “Ethereal CAD – All Principle and no practical”

  1. I have been following your blog. Although it is quite insightful, I feel that you could make it more interesting by giving examples of the concepts that you are explaining. All principles and no practicals examples does tend to bore a reader. Please do not get me wrong. I mean well.

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