CADDManager on February 5th, 2007

Ever wonder how you are doing on your job? You could think in terms of how you fit the job description or how you are coming in on time and not leaving early. You could also think about what challenges you have overcome, what standards you have produced or how many seats of CAD you have installed.

I like to think a little broader and ask myself – Would I hire me?

Knowing what you know about yourself includes the achievements and the disappointments. You know more about your accomplishments or lack of them than anyone else. You know what you try to do and fail at. You know how you operate under pressure and how you get things done in spite of obstacles.

Knowing all these things you can take a real hard look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are the best candidate for your job. Is it you?

We – as CAD Managers – have to work pretty hard to stay ahead of things. We have to stay alert, focused and have constant vigilance against the drifting quality of our system and files. This makes it tough to remain in top form. So asking tough questions to ourselves and motivating ourselves is often required.

To do this we must ask ourselves some seriously tough questions so that others cannot. Here are a few that you can keep handy to renew your vigor.

If your company were hiring a CAD Manager today – would they hire you?
Would you hire yourself?
Is your firm getting it’s moneys worth from your position?
Are you moving your good to better and your better to best?
Can anyone else do a better job at your job?

Keep on your toes!!!

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