CADDManager on February 20th, 2007

Having created many shortcut routines in LISP over the years, I have also developed certain guidelines for naming those shortcuts.

Here are my guidelines for short key in names…

  • Keep them on the left side of the keyboard – close to the left hand that usually rests on the keyboard
  • Keep them key-able with one hand. Don’t make me take my other hand off the mouse.
  • Keep them somehow associated with the command name or function. (an abbreviation)
  • Feel free to double up on characters
  • Do not use numbers in the name
  • Use three characters if needed
  • Use grouped letters that are close to each other on the keyboard
  • Do not make me move my hand back and forth on the keyboard if you use three characters
  • It is easier to move from left to right on the keyboard than the other way
  • It is easier to go from top to bottom on the keyboard

By following a few tips about naming the abbreviated command you can gain even more speed by reducing the thinking and typing required.

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