CADDManager on December 6th, 2006

What a CAD Manager does – Moving from the principles to the practicals.

When I start thinking or talking about CAD Management, I move from the principles of the subject to the practical. I like to put things into perspective because I think that it is better to work from the standpoint of the principles that drive management of CAD to the practical guidelines, processes and procedures that you have to develop. By starting in these areas of principle we can move to practical in a more organized manner.

Here would be a few items and how you could move from the principle to the practical.

  • Staffing and directing – think about the task then who can get it done – delegate and coordinating them• Managing change – Think about what tomorrow might look like and then start planning how you can get there

    Decision making and problem solving – pick and prioritize the right things to do and then work through each problem

    Motivating and communicating – Define the target and then inspiring others by telling your story

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