CADDManager on December 14th, 2006

Another benefit of being on subscription…

Autodesk Subscription allows Home Use of software programs that you have under Subscription, subject to the terms and conditions outlined on your subscription site.

So you need to log on to your subscription site at or call your reseller to find out how to get the software.

Home Use is not currently available for all software programs or in all locations. Please contact your Autodesk authorized reseller or Autodesk representative for details on whether Home Use is available for your software program or in your region.

Explanation of Benefit

Home Use means that you, as the licensee of the software program, may install a second copy of the software program at a second location away from your office location under the following conditions:

o Such second location may include installation on a computer located at the home of your employees or on your employees

4 Responses to “AutoCAD Home Use”

  1. I once read that this only works if the home computer is owned by the company who owns the license. Has this changed or has it even ever been the case?

  2. Check out my post from April 2005 on Home Use…

    Click here

    They seem to have changed the rules

  3. I’m awaiting what “Internal Business Needs” means, and am getting a clarification from our reseller.

    I can interpret that as client work, or internal work. For example, I could argue that creating a floorplan of my office is an “internal business need”, and working for a client is an “external business need.”

    I think Autodesk needs to define Internal Business Needs.

  4. I was browsing through my schools cad library the other day and was let down a bit. I thought the school had access to a whole database full of AutoCAD drawings and architectural title blocks. I along with many other students where relying on a database such as this because most of us need something to reference as we do our work. I will say though that the school allows us to make use of some great architectural symbols which serve as building blocks for most of our projects. I

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