CADDManager on September 21st, 2006

Every once in a while I stop and think about how much I love the process, production and perspective of CAD. My personality lends itself to organized, defined and process driven work and CAD should be just that.

What I love about CAD is also what I hate at times. Like how flexible some of the tools are and how they can be used in so many different ways. I love the fact that they have open API’s and programming tools. It allows every one to do just what they want to do. The bad part is that it allows every on to do just what they want to do.

Enter the CAD Manager…

The job we have before us is often very tough. Getting everyone to do things the same way is tough. Unifying the process and standards of your CAD environment is not easy, but it is rewarding when you make progress. Dare I say FUN!

Yes – FUN

I find it enjoyable to work through processes in a team environment to push toward a unified perspective where all parties agree that the new process is better than the current state. It may be rare in your firm or it may happen all the time. But when several people agree on a method or a standard, unity prevails and production can move forward.

CAD Manager – job well done!

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One Response to “Who says CAD isn’t fun?”

  1. I have just recently took kover the role of Cad Manager. I have been at places in the past and witnessed the resistance from the masses when it came to initiating new cad standards or any standards at all. However, at this place, I have received many compliments and a warm welcome to all of my suggestions. This company had no cad standards before I came on board and those that are still remaining have nothing but compliments on the achievements so far, such as standard layer names, standard file names and standard file directories to name a few.

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