CADDManager on August 3rd, 2006

Elements are objects or collections of objects that are like blocks in that they can be used over and over in drawings.

They can be office furniture layouts, room layouts, restrooms, equipment and more.

Elements are typically referenced into constructs.

If you realize that you need to use a construct in several places you should convert it to an element.

To convert a construct to an element, drag the construct to the element category. The Add Element dialog box will appear and you can change the name and description if you want to.

  • Elements can be referenced into other elements.
  • Elements need to be referenced into a construct to be used in views. If you want to use an element then reference it.
  • Elements are located under the Constructs Tab in PNav under the Elements Folder.
  • You can reference an element directly into a sheet for detailing.

2 Responses to “ADT – Elements”

  1. Tools in a tool pallette – are these an alternative to elements? When to use which?

  2. Elements are files. They are not objects. Objects are individual items like a desk or a chair. Tool palettes contain objects (blocks).

    Elements are collections of objects, like the desk and chair and other things, that would make up the overall cubicle.

    The Element (cubicle) is used repeatedly in a Construct to create the whole layout of the office.

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