CADDManager on July 27th, 2006

When you create a file in ADT you will most likely be working with Xrefs at some point. Constructs can be made up of individual objects such as walls, doors, windows, and floors but there are also elements that need to be referenced. Sheet files will definitely use Xrefs.

Project Navigator helps you attach and keep track of these Xrefs, but you may also need to see the reference relationship, update references, and repath files so their references will be found.

  • To reference an object into another file (such as an element into a construct or a construct into a view), you drag and drop the item from the Project Navigator into the drawing file. This is critical. Do not use the Xref Manager like in regular AutoCAD. This is because PNav creates XML files for each file. It remembers what is connected to what.
  • To update or reload an Xref you will need to use the Xref Manager. However, do not use the standard Xref tools in the Xref Manager to attach reference files in projects.

You can show the References attached to a construct without having to open the drawing. In the PNav, select the construct, right-click, and select Show External References (or, click on the button at the bottom of the Constructs and Views tabs).

  • Show External References is just a viewing tool. You cannot do anything with the reference files in this dialog box.

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  1. This may be of interest, uses PN to show where an element is used, if anywhere. Handy to know before you delete it

    RobiNZ CAD Blog: ADT Project Tip: Where is this element used?

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