CADDManager on May 4th, 2006

Again, continuing the conversation about working with your Users. Now I move to your Worst User.

Don’t let anyone tell you that they are not valuable to the firm, even the other users who may have to pick up the slack from their shoddy work. By keeping them involved, you gain an understanding of how the system can be abused. These folks are not motivated to greater understanding and use of the tools so you have your work cut out for you.

First off – your Worst User may very well be higher than the Best Users in the pecking order of the firm. The worst users may carry a lot of weight and can prevent you from getting things done and making improvements.

Here is a short list of how to work with them.

1. Identify them. Make sure that you know who they are. They may be hard to spot sometimes if you do not work on their files. The other users know who they are. Ask them.

2. Isolate their thought process from others. Keep them from sharing their perspective with others. You do this by keeping your ears open for when they may be complaining. You may not be able to challenge them in open conversation, but you need to let them know that they need to not spread discontent. Talk to those that they have talked with to counteract their points.

3. Don’t isolate them from other users. It may happen naturally as others prefer not to work with them. Make extra effort to keep them involved with better users. Some of the good habits may rub off on them.

4. Keep them close to you. Make sure you talk directly with them whenever you have a new tool or other item that you are sharing with the masses. Defuse their concerns and address them directly.

5. Be patient with them. They may not know that they are the worst user. Target some special time with them to gently point out their areas of weakness.

6. Listen to them. They really do help in getting you to be your best. If you can win them over, or make something easier for them to embrace, then the rest of the users will be a cinch.

7. Don’t let them get away with it. Never let them become complacent. Never let them do bad things to good drawings. Always point out and correct there shortfalls. Do it privately and consistently.

8. Have them fix the problems that they may create. Teach them how to do it right and get them to fix it.

9. Never attack them on a personal level. Do not let others attack their character. Do not let others demean them.

Don’t let your worst user drag you down. Keep a positive and friendly attitude as you work them away from Worst.

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  1. I teach a lot of AutoCAD and Inventor. On a Level 1 AutoCAD exam I once asked “What would you do to improve the productivity of AutoCAD in an engineering office?”

    One student answered “Don’t hire me.”

    I had to give him the mark.

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