CADDManager on May 31st, 2006

I was thinking about Layers again and wanted to share a couple of conceptual ideas about layer standards.

When you’re developing your Layer Standards you can use outside influences to define your layers. Being in the AEC market, I let ADT define any layer names that it creates out of the box through Layer Keys. So any layer that the software makes on it’s own, I want to use that as my standard. This simplifies the layer creation and tweaking that I have to do to the software. If ADT makes it, I use it.

AIA has a layer guideline and so does the National CAD Standard. I default to those layer names as much as possible. If they define a layer, I use it.

Layers that I do not like to ever draw on…

Layer Zero (0)
Layer Defpoints

I did not create them, so I do not own them. I should not be using them. I only draw on layers that I can control. If the software does not allow me total control over a layer then I do not want to use it.

ADT does create layers for me, but I could modify them by adjusting the Layer Keys, so that’s okay.

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  1. We have developed a standard layer naming convention for our cad standards, and I am looking at modifying my civil3d 2008 template to have only our modified layers, and naming convention included. How do I purge the AIA layer standards?

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