CADDManager on May 25th, 2006

I have been involved with CAD Standards reviews many times. I usually start with the basics; Plot Styles, Layer Names and Folder structure. Constantly talking about these things is good.

I think that the whole layer list review is a positive thing to go through at the base level. Review each layer name one by one to see if it is needed or not. This may sound horribly boring, but it can be very profitable. Here is why…

It allows you to have conversations related to what data goes on what layer. The layer name is just the opening topic that quickly moves to how you put files together. Each layer that is discussed in depth allows you to talk about what data is in question. This is a good conversation to have.

Once you go through the layer list you will have a good idea about where you have users with differing ideas about what goes where. Many times files are hard to work with because you have data scatter amongst varying layers. Each user is doing something different. Don’t assume that just because the layer is called A-CASE that people will know what kind of data goes on that layer. Don’t expect them to not get creative. When three different users put the same data on three different layers, you have a problem. This is what you need to unify. You will get a lot out of the conversation.

It may seem tedious, but I think it is fruitful. If you hang in there, by the time you get done talking about the Layer Standard, none of you will need to refer to the book because you will have hashed it out so much that it will be burned into your brains. (har har)

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