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In the last post we looked at the Habit of Reading from a print material point of view.  This month we look at the available resources on the web. – the AUGI website.  My number one choice for AutoCAD related news and info and getting my questions answered.  Here are a few links to check out.  You must be a member to get to these, but you should be if you are reading this.

The AUGI Forums – a great place to post a question and get an answer.  I would suggest going to the AUGI World copy from Sept/Oct 2005 and read the excellent article by Mike Perry on using the forums.

Now try reading the FAQ for the forums.

Now you are ready to go into the forums.

When you are in the forums do a search first for the keyword of your concern.  You may find that others have the same questions that you have.  If you find nothing, then post your question and wait for the response.

Next got to the ATP – AUGI Training Programs – A wealth of training material waits for you.

Check out the International sites – Japan, Europe and Australia

Lastly – go to the Publications page and see all of the archived publications that AUGI provides.

Moving to Autodesk you may get a lot out of the online discussion groups.  These have been around forever and have a depth of info that may not be found anywhere else. is not only the direct link to Autodesk but a good place to do some research.

Press Releases

I read the press releases at to find out what Autodesk is saying to the world.  These are a gold mine as it relates to finding out what Autodesk is up to.  I often find out what is coming and what Autodesk is pushing from the press releases.  I know that a lot of it is marketing hype, but read it anyway.  You get a perspective from the global view as you look at the overall progress and movement of Autodesk products.

Products pages

I read these to see what is in the products I use everyday.  There is so much here.  Best Practices, Free Webcasts, Trial Downloads and more.  Check it out.


Subscription page

If you are on subscription – this is a treasure chest of value.  Web support, e-learning, extensions.  WOW.


Solutions page

Each industry has a need and here is where solutions are provided.

Enough said – if you are not frequenting the Autodesk site, you are missing a great deal of information that impacts your firm.

CADDigest –

Tenlinks –

CAD Depot –

UpFronteZine –

I cannot say enough positive things about what Roopinder Tara has put together.  The sites include news, reports, reviews, directories, shareware and online magazines.  It would take too long to list out the benefits of these site.  Click on the links and find out what they have for you.

Blogs – the newest and most dynamic information

Ours first – BLAUGI – Autodesk Users Group International official blog

From Autodesk

Between the Lines – AutoCAD blog by Shaan Hurley of Autodesk

Between the Walls – Architectural Desktop blog by Chris Yanchar of Autodesk

Lynn Allen’s Blog – AutoCAD, Inventor, user meetings, more, from Lynn herself

In the Machine – Autodesk Inventor weblog, by Autodesk folks

AutoCAD Insider – AutoCAD Concepts to the next level by Heidi Hewett


And more…

All things BIM – Diary of a 21st Century CAD Manager

Angel’s Civil 3D 2005 Thoughts – Autodesk Civil 3D

The Architect’s Desktop – Autodesk Architectural Desktop

area31 – custom programming

AutoCAD Tutorials – tutorials and techniques

Autodesk Informer – Autodesk products, links, tutorials, related software, news

BAZZCAD CLOG – AutoCAD information framed in a AutoCAD interface

beside the cursor – AutoCAD related, by Richard Binning- AUGI president

Beth’s CAD Blog – AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Building Systems, Revit, Viz

Breaking Down the Walls – ADT, Revit

CAD Panacea – AutoCAD links, tips and more

CAD Shack – Autodesk Building Systems, AutoCAD, and Revit Systems Blog – my blog – CAD management

CADneto – AutoCAD Electrical

CADRE BSD – Building Systems

CADtrainer – education and business on CAD

Change Agents – BIM methodologies

Civil 3D – Paving the Way – Autodesk Civil 3D

EatYourCAD – for all users

Ellen Finkelstein – Tips, Tutorials, Books, Downloads, Links

In the Dynamic Interface – AutoCAD and DWF technology

JTB World – tons of stuff, trick, programming tips

The Mad Cadder – tips and tricks and information

Mistress of Dorkness – CAD technology with a FM twist

Revit Rants  – about using Revit, various work processes and tricks

Revit It – about AutoCAD (in French)

Revit OpEd – OPinion EDitorial – Revit, both real and imagined.

Revitalize – A Revit Blog. Know How, Know Way.

RobiNZ Blog – CAD and design

Scott Durkee – CAD management topics

WorldCAD Access – commentary on CAD subjects

will render for food – using CAD and digital media for design, renderings and more

Whew! – that was a long list, but in no way exhaustive.  There are so many more sites that can be read.  You may want to suggest another site for people to check on.

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