CADDManager on October 22nd, 2005

I attended the South Coast Revit Usesr Group last week and had a great time. The turnout was very large, about 35 people or so. It could have been the topic – Revit Families.

It was a general discussion of various areas related to Family creation and use. Steve Stafford did a fantastic job of showing us how to build families and some of the troubles we may encounter along the way. Check out his blog at RevitOpEd.

We had a visit from Bill Brown of Santiago High School in Corona, CA. He is the teacher of their Architectural department. He brought a student with him and they discussed briefly how the school was using Revit in the advanced classes for High School students. I had a chance to speak with him after the event and he shared how he was planning for the future as it related to his students graduating and going to college. By the time they get into an Architectural office, he expects Revit to be a mainstream tool. So he has a long range focus on what tools will be used in 4-6 years. What a great perspective.

We had another person share a project that they worked on from ArchitectsOC. Jared Dudley was his name and he shared some 3D renderings done in Revit with VIZRender. Impressive stuff. He also shared how valuable a tool AUGI was for getting him going.

No matter what tool you are using you should try to find a User Group in your area. They are great opportunities to learn and share.

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  1. are there any revit user groups in the NY metro area (Long Island maybe)?
    tom conlon

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