CADDManager on September 27th, 2005

I get a lot of questions on the reasons that drive the decisions to choose one platform over another. I have collected a few that you may want to consider related to choosing ADT over Revit.

1. ADT works in native DWG files, Revit does not. Revit can however, export and import DWG’s.

2. ADT works similar to AutoCAD in how it creates files for each building component (Floor Plan, Ceiling Plane, etc.). It interacts with you via a file based project setup, just like AutoCAD.

3. ADT interface looks like AutoCAD. Pulldowns, Icons, Command line…

4. All AutoCAD functions work inside of ADT. I can run it just like AutoCAD (dumb lines and text) in a pinch. NOt that you would want too…

5. Using ADT builds on existing AutoCAD training and knowledge. Many users find it easier to move to ADT since it acts and reacts so much like AutoCAD.

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