CADDManager on September 19th, 2005

Why move from AutoCAD 2002 to ADT 2006?

Here are my top 20 reasons to move from an older release of AutoCAD (or ADT) to the newest release of ADT.

1. Reduced file sizes – ADT 2006 files are smaller

2. Improved Hatching and Gradient fills

3. Better Mtext functions (Lists, Tabs, Indents) and interface (more like a word processor)

4. Xref update notification. When other change the design – you are notified!

5. Superior CAD Standards monitoring and AEC Project Standards.

6. Background plotting – allows you to get back to work quicker.

7. Tables and Fields improve creation of schedules, charts and more.

8. Dynamic Blocks and Input for greater focus on your design.

9. Sheet Set Manager and Project Navigator get you instant access to all the project files.

10. Detail Manager for creation of Architectural details.

11. Custom Palettes for Annotations and Keynoting.

12. Display Themes allow you to show the same data in many different ways for presentation and coordination.

13. Layer Manager improvements for one stop interaction for all of ADT.

14. More AEC Content within Catalogs, Tools and Objects.

15. Improved Structural objects with constrained parameters.

16. Enhanced Curtain Wall placement and management.

17. Batch refresh for Section and Elevation cuts.

18. Project aware functionality that allows you to Coordinate, Update and Standardize.

19. Anchor objects to other object. As one moves they all move.

20. New Detail Views and Call-out tools.

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