CADDManager on August 22nd, 2005

AU Link

Here is the Autodesk marketing blurb…

Autodesk University (AU) is designed for people like you — creative problem solvers who transform ideas into the real world we live in. The training and business contacts you’ll make at AU will empower you to realize your next great idea — and the ones after that. For well over a decade, AU has helped attendees advance their careers and companies by measurably improving personal productivity.

Here are my reasons for going (in no particular order)

1. I am teaching several classes on topics that I think everyone needs to think about.

2. It is the best one stop event for great training. I have never been disappointed in the training classes I have taken at AU. Every class has either provided a great wealth of information or some little tidbit of knowledge that made my job easier and my company more productive.

3. I can interact with the teachers. They all hang out at the event and answer questions after class. They really don’t mind being stopped in the hallways and asked more questions. Feel free to stop any one of them and ask a question.

4. Your company will benefit from the handouts that you get at the event. Take them back and share them with others.

5. I know of no other event (other than AUGI CAD Camp) where you can interact with expert trainers, knowledgeable peers and interested novices.

6. Free Food – and plenty of it. I must admit that I gain a pound or two at these events.

7. Vendor interface – you get to take as much time talking with the CAD Vendors as you want.

8. The Autodesk Ear – you get opportunities to talk with Autodesk employees at all levels. Programmers, Product Managers, Sales reps, Resellers, etc. They actually want to hear your opinions and they generally do something positive with your feedback.

You need to go – start talking it up with your boss. Get the budget approved. Sign up and plan your travel. Make it happen.

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