CADDManager on April 19th, 2005

Objects are highlighted when the pickbox cursor rolls over them, providing a preview of which object will be selected when you click. Pretty cool stuff. You do have some options related to how this function works, or you can even turn it off.

In the Options dialog box under Selection is the following new area.

You can set it so that highlighting of objects is done only when a command is active or not. Seems like they could have handled this with one check box, but I am not the programmer so what do I know.

The Visual Effects Settings button does even more.

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One Response to “Visual Effects in 2006”

  1. To have 4 states one check box is not enough.
    1)You can have no selection preview at all.
    2)You can have it when a command is active
    3)You can have it when no command is active
    4)You can have it always

    JTB World

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