CADDManager on April 28th, 2005

Here is a brief overview of a CAD Manager position and the duties involved:

  • Provide production CAD support
  • Develop, implement and enforce CAD Standards
  • Organize the CAD environment
  • Supply technical support for all CAD software
  • Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions
  • Interact on project standards coordination with clients
  • Insure CAD vendor management
  • Provide training and supervision of in-house CAD users
  • Generate written technology evaluations for future software adoption
  • Provide a budget for all CAD technology items
  • Maintain CAD document archive and retrieval for projects
  • Provide leadership and vision to the firm in the area of CAD
  • Train in-house support staff
  • Develop training budget and overall scope
  • Customization of CAD Programs
  • Maintain CAD Software inventory
  • Strategic Planning

Please add to my list?

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10 Responses to “CAD Manager Position and Duties”

  1. A good list. I did all those duties as CAD Manager for 10 years. Can’t think of anything to add, but I’m sure there must be something else.

    Chief cook and bottle washer?

    Backup for production?

    Keep up the good blogging!

  2. A stunningly good list!

    However, add:

    “Scheduling drawing completion”. I provided a daily update of scheduled completion.

  3. For me, I would also add;
    -Photograph recent projects
    -Monitor and maintain server
    –Daily backups
    –AntiVirus and SPAM filter overview and maint.
    –order new hardware and config and setup when it arrives.
    -order & maint. print & plotter supplies
    -Archive and deadfile completed projects
    -collect & shred old dwgs and paperwork
    -minor maint. around the office
    (but hey, I really do love my job!)

  4. Hey! I’m doing it right! I’d just got to that stage where I was feeling alone …

  5. Corporate Manager for CAD and CAD related processes.

    -Development, documentation, communication and administration of CAD standards. -Development, documentation and administration of CAD training. -Ensure consistency in CAD standards, training and practices between multiple offices. -Research and recommend CAD and CAD related technologies and practices. -Research and recommendation of plotting and printing tools for CAD output -Proponent and promoter of CAD technologies and processes to firm leadership -Develop and promote practices to improve production efficiency and effectiveness. -Coordination between graphic and modeling tools and processes and CAD -Facilitate relationship between design/production staff and Technology to develop practices and tools that benefit documentation processes. -Facilitate continual CAD user coordination meetings. -Develop, document and facilitate CAD data archiving processes. -Develop and maintain relationships with product manufacturers, vendors and resellers, training centers, etc

  6. And, a few more that add to our daily burden:

    – Provide input to business development
    – Conduct project related model reviews
    – Produce corporate CAD screen shots
    – Clean up CAD files for project closeout

  7. Let’s not forget… some of us actually have to do most of the drawing too πŸ™

  8. Theodore Koutsantonis
    July 12th, 2009 at 8:37 AM

    I want to ask if anyone knows, i have an essay for the university! i am doing mechanical engineering and for the design module i have a coursework asking for: ” Discuss considerations that a CAD manager must take into account when selecting the hardware and software for a new CAD installation”. Please if u have any information to help me with send them to my email address: -edited-see below

    This essay is about 1500 words !!

    CADDManager – email me your comments and I will forward them on. Or just post a comment here.

  9. Hey Theodore If you want I can forawrd you the Essay as I am a manager in a company and i know the topic u want.

  10. Hi.. I’m a bit stuck, I am a Registered Migration Agent [Australia] and I’ve been asked to bring over a CAD Design Manager. I don’t claim to be an expert in Engineering or IT – so I looked on the internet for tasks and duties of a CAD Design Manager and came up with this website. However, this still doesn’t tell me what nominated occupation to choose.

    Would a CAD Design Manager also be linked to a Software Engineer:

    Designs, develops, modifies, documents, tests, implements, installs and supports software applications and systems.

    Or am I way off? And infact, should be looking more at Engineering occupations?

    VERY much appreciated for any knowledge.

    Cheers, Nicole

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