CADDManager on April 20th, 2005

There is a newer form of installing software. I don’t know how long it has been available (let me know if you know). It is called Multi-seat Stand-Alone Licensing.

The multi-seat stand-alone license enables the purchaser to install, register, and activate an Autodesk products on several workstations using a single serial number. The mulitseat stand-alone license simplifies license management for sites that do not want to maintain a network license server. Just one serial number is required to install and activate multiple workstations.

It seems that this is the format of choice for subscription customers, at least in Autodesk’s mind. They seem to be shipping multi-seat stand-alone installs to subscription customers.Each seat of the multi-seat stand-alone license may be installed and activated on one additional workstation for each user, such as a home or remote workstation, provided that the user’s two workstations are not used concurrently, are used exclusively by the same person, and are owned or under the control of the license holder. See my blog on Home Use

Registration and Activation

If the workstation is connected to the Internet, the software automatically retrieves an activation code for each workstation when the product is started for the first time. Note that each installed workstation generates its own unique request code, and the corresponding unique activation code issued by Autodesk cannot be used on any other workstation.

Installation and Deployment

The multi-seat license means there’s only one serial number, one CD, and one manual to keep track of. You could use the Deployment wizard to simplify deployment by creating a server image that users can access to install the software on their workstation.

Be aware, although it’s possible to install each workstation individually from the CD, PAY ATENTION when you do it because any discrepancy in the information entered by users (like typos in the company name or mispellings of anykind) after the initial installation and registration has been completed will cause subsequent registrations to fail.

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3 Responses to “AutoCAD Multi-seat Stand-Alone Licensing”

  1. How can you tell if your serial # is permitted for multi-seat standalone installs? I purchased an Autocad LT 2004 retail box product.

  2. I got this from my good friend Robin at (a reseller)…

    If your blog reader checks the label at the end of the box, it should indicate the seat count. (Tell them to take out their reading glasses as the print is small.) LT can be purchased in 1, 5, 10 and 25 user packs. As this is a 2004, it obviously isn’t on subscription, but this would be another way to check out seat count. They could have purchased 4 separate boxes that were rolled into a multiple standalone. Only the contract would tell the tale.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Good Day,

    we have 3 computer which are in network.. i install the civil design first in stand alone setup in every computer i have, and i found out that only 1 computer is succesfull in installing the other two is asking for an activation code which is i already did in the first computer… i found out the multiseated installment, and i uninstall all the civil 3d in all of my computer but still only 1 computer was susccesfully install…. can you tell me what to do to install the software to all of my computers??? thank you in advance…


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