CADDManager on April 14th, 2005

Additional Known Issues – Highlighted and (commented)…

  • Windows Explorer: The new ‘Find within Explorer‘ feature (which is really cool) of AutoCAD 2006 does not support Architectural Desktop objects. (You can still use it to find AutoCAD objects inside ADT)
  • Schedule External Drawing: Please notice that if you take advantage of the new relative path option in ADT 2006, prior releases will fail to recognize this. It is recommended not to use relative paths if drawings are to be used in prior versions of ADT.
  • Section/Elevation Object Hatching: Solid hatch patterns used for Surface and Section hatching will not be displayed in 2d Section and Elevation objects. Instead, you may use another hatch pattern, such as Line, set at a dense hatch scale to simulate the solid hatch. This could cause slow performance depending on the amount of hatching required.
  • Merge Common Materials: Merge Common Materials may fail to work in Sections and Elevations where a Slab Material is merged with other Object Materials. To workaround this issue, disable Merge Common Materials for the Slabs and use Edit Linework to remove lines between Slabs and other Objects.
  • Smart Blocks: It is not recommended to use ADT objects in Smart Blocks, nor to edit blocks containing ADT objects with the Smart Block Editor (BEDIT). Doing so can cause unexpected results.
  • Database field codes and Relative path option in a project standards environment: If you are using Database field codes in a Property Set Definition in a project standards drawing, it is not recommended to use Relative path option when creating the database link. You will observe problems resolving the correct path to the database.
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