CADDManager on April 12th, 2005

Highligted and edited from the Readme file…

VIZ Render

• Link to VIZ Render. It is possible for Architectural Desktop to Link to VIZ Render while VIZ Render is otherwise occupied, such as rendering. This can result in an Application Error and loss of data from Architectural Desktop and/or VIZ Render. It is recommended that data not be pushed from Architectural Desktop to VIZ Render while VIZ Render is otherwise occupied.

• User content paths are dependant on first user run. If the Administrator is the first user to run Architectural Desktop, then some VIZ Render data paths will be set to look to different directories than if a user has first run. Path locations can be verified in the Configure paths dialog.

• In the Tool Palettes page of the Customize User Interface dialog, deleting a palette in the same dialog instance of the Customize User Interface dialog will delete any new Groups created.

• Substitution Manager. Substituting an item from an external reference of a drawing linked into VIZ Render will replace the whole external reference.

• 3rd Party Plugins. Plugins created for previous versions of VIZ Render may not function properly in VIZ Render 2006.

• The Properties of the last material i-dropped from the Render Material Catalog of the Content Browser are unavailable. The workaround is to drop one additional material and delete it. This refreshes the Scene – Unused palette to recognize the one you want. This does not affect materials directly i-dropped from the Render Material Catalog onto an object in the scene.

Project Standards

• If you have Windows XP SP2 installed, Audit reports may appear not to function properly. In order to view the Audit reports associated with Project Standards as they are intended to be used, you must change the settings via the Information Bar at the top of the Internet Explorer page. Right click on the Information Bar and choose Allow Blocked Content. By doing this, you will have access to the additional functionality via the radio buttons. For additional information about this setting for Internet Explorer, please consult Microsoft’s Help system.

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