CADDManager on June 16th, 2010

What will make it the last gasp for CAD?  What will be the final nail in the coffin of 2D CAD?  Will there be one final function that will move everyone to 3D?

Here are some events, items of functions that could make CAD be gone forever…

1.  We move away from hard copy deliverables.   As long as we push out designs out to flat 2d hard copy then 2D CAD will remain.

2.  3D fabrication for all objects becomes a reality.  There are many trades that have pressed toward 3D fabrication.  Manufacturing has made leaps and bounds in this direction.  They have always been 3D in fabrication and finally the tools have caught up with their desire for them.

3.  When Owners and end users want the 3D functionality from a perspective of really understanding it.  This has started happening.  Many owners are asking for more 3D, but they have not really understood the process or demands that it takes to make it a reality.  When they know the impact and the cost (time and money) and still want to fully embrace it, 2D CAD might be doomed.

4.  When design review can take place 100% electronically.  On screen review, markup and correction.  All of it – All Digital – All the time.  I know that this is happening now.  But not everyone is doing it.

5.  When some grand must have tool comes along.  What will be the Killer App in 3D CAD that will push everyone over the edge? I have no clue, but when it arrives, it will  change everything.

6.  When the Government “forces” people to move – kind of like Digital TV.  If you are not moving in the direction that your State government may be headed or the feds, you may be left behind.

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  1. My boss will do his redlining digitally when he can get a display that is as big as his drawing table.

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