CADDManager on August 10th, 2010

I wrote this some time ago and I am reposting it.  I am in the process of writing an updated Job Description and will post that at some point.

Here is a brief overview of a CAD Manager position and the duties involved:

  • Provide production CAD support
  • Develop, implement and enforce CAD Standards
  • Organize the CAD environment
  • Supply technical support for all CAD software
  • Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions
  • Interact on project standards coordination with clients
  • Insure CAD vendor management
  • Provide training and supervision of in-house CAD users
  • Generate written technology evaluations for future software adoption
  • Provide a budget for all CAD technology items
  • Maintain CAD document archive and retrieval for projects
  • Provide leadership and vision to the firm in the area of CAD
  • Train in-house support staff
  • Develop training budget and overall scope
  • Customization of CAD Programs
  • Maintain CAD Software inventory
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scheduling drawing completion
  • Photograph recent projects
  • Monitor and maintain server
  • Daily backups
  • AntiVirus and SPAM filter overview and maintenance
  • Order new hardware and config and setup when it arrives
  • Order & maintain print & plotter supplies
  • Archive completed projects
  • Collect & shred old dwgs and paperwork
  • Provide input to business development
  • Conduct project related model reviews
  • Produce corporate CAD screen shots
  • Clean up CAD files for project closeout

What more should be added?

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10 Responses to “CAD Manager Job Description”

  1. Hello, Mark
    Produce corporate CAD screen shots – what does it mean?
    Video “How to..” – could it be related to this duty?

  2. Someone sent me that back when I first posted this…

    I would assume it means training images via Snagit, video via Camtasia, etc.


  3. I think, this is one of the Finest post which explain clearly about CAD manager which possessing current points of pain, working with IT, users, management to get results, setting realistic goals,

  4. Which kinks of CAD?
    autocad ?

  5. This is a CAD Support role.

  6. Job descriptions
    June 7th, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    Just finished my CAD and million thanks for providing the job description, its so simple

  7. Additions to Cad Manager position.
    1. Send one of the first dwgs. started to client for approval.
    2.Discuss with project team leads presentation of dwgs.
    3.Discuss drawing management for entire project with team leads.
    4.Have project manager provide a charge number for Cad Coordination responsibilities. These hours should not be taken from any one discipline.
    5.Have regular meetings with detailing leads to make sure everyone is doing the same thing as far as standards are concerned.
    6.Review overall dwg. set for drafting standards before it goes out the door to the client. Too many times have we had contract drafters in house and they have gone astray and used something else because these people were added at the last moment and not properly informed on the standards used.
    &. Add time in for archiving PDS drawings into Autocad dwgs. This is not a simple translation.

  8. Great thoughts!

  9. CAD Manager Job Description

    A company CAD Manager has numerous responsibilities and areas of accountability. One of the main areas of responsibility is to develop, set, and maintain the companies CAD standards and procedures. These standards and procedures should comply with the U.S. National CAD Standard Guideline and should be updated and revised as necessary. Included responsibilities are the implementation of these company standards, user support, administration and process development.
    The CAD Manager is an employee with advanced experience and competence in AutoCAD, and a responsibility to the overall design process and drafting effort. This individual is tasked with making sure CAD standards, both technical and procedural, are developed and followed, create and implement a CAD training program to train all users, create and oversee standard installation procedures for CADD systems onto user’s laptops and produce productivity enhancements and customizations that fit the company’s needs. Also within the company, participate in resume review and interview all perspective hires, become familiar with all printing and plotting device hardware and software, software licenses, and budgeting.
    The individual should also have the ability to communicate effectively, have in-depth experience with Windows operating systems and trouble shooting, able to accurately estimate task durations and meet schedules, and able to simultaneously handle numerous tasks.

    Along with the internal procedures and standardizations, there is an obligation to have extensive knowledge of industry information, incorporate existing technologies such as collaboration tools, remote access tools, etc., stay on top of file translation methods between CADD platforms and client systems, stay current with industry standards, maintain timely review of industry periodicals, CADD expos, seminars, and trade shows.
    CAD managers are project leaders supervising their department’s CAD users and are expected to know all aspects of their discipline, they should be very well organized and be willing to take ownership for all documents that are submitted from their company.

  10. ‘As the manager in charge of computer-aided design (CAD), your role is to ensure the maximum efficiency of the CAD system — even though you may well be plagued daily by nit-picky problems, such as dry ink jet cartridges.

    The successful CAD manager is able to ease changes to CAD by carefully planning the process and keeping everyone informed. While the primary problem you will face is finding money for upgrades to the system, above all remember that your goal is to make it more efficient to get work done. When something makes the work more efficient, then implement it.’

    Check out our blog to read more about the role of a CAD manager:

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