CADDManager on April 17th, 2010

I had the pleasure to attend COFES 2010.  This event is always an opportunity to glimpse into the future.

I have attended before and the event is going strong.  Well attended by industry representatives, software developers and User Group reps.  It is a grand collection of those who influence the software and industries that your are involved in.

Highlights of this year included HP and Intel discussing the next generation of chips and hardware that will make your services run faster.  Is it time to move to a new platform?  Do you need to move from a PC to a workstation?  Are you on the right hardware?

Intel mentioned the Tick-Tock process of development where:

Year 1: First the “Tick”

Intel delivers new silicon process technology, dramatically increasing transistor density while enhancing performance and energy efficiency within a smaller, more refined version of our existing microarchitecture.

Year 2: Then the “Tock”

Intel delivers entirely new processor microarchitecture to optimize the value of the increased number of transistors and technology updates now available.

Find out more here.

HP discussed SkyRoom – which I want to check out.

Other items that are getting traction:

PTC Windchill

The Chaos Report for IT – failures of projects

Pivot from Microsoft

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  1. I have published a more recent, and comprehensive article on the CHAOS report, including a table with the success and failure rates since 1994 and until 2009. You can find the article here.

    There’s a huge progress from 1994, you can see that the failure rate was 53% in 1994 and now it’s only 24%.

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