CADDManager on May 17th, 2009

Some firms have special in house terms that they use for file types. Backgrounds, Base Files, Master Files, X files, Sheet Files, Plot Files, CD Files, etc. Not all firms use the same “buss words” for the same kinds of files, so if you have some that you think are unique, include short definitions of each file type in the introduction pages of your standard. Then when you refer to them in the document there will be no doubt.

Include what goes into what file. What kind of data and information in placed in each file type? If the software defines the file type, like AutoCAD for Architecture, then still define what is placed in each file.


XREF (Background) FILES

XREF files are the basis for all design work. They include the “model” representation of all construction elements in a project, including plan, elevation and section information that delineates what will be built. The general rule is that anything you see at the site after construction will be placed in this type of drawing. All XREF Files are drawn full scale in Model Space. No Paper Space entities exist in this file. Each discipline will create a Model file to contain the information needed for their working “design” drawings. XREF files will be directly referenced to Sheet files. XREF files are located in the XREF folder.

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