CADDManager on November 11th, 2008

Last time we talked about an incomplete standard being useless. Now we move on to another issue that may make your CAD Standard Useless.

A Useless CAD Standard is…

Not Enforced

When you fail to enforce your standard, it soon becomes useless.  If there are no consequences for not following the standard, then why should people follow it.  People will try to duck the standard, avoid the standard and set it aside.  Managers will try to get their team to not use it if they feel  it is slowing their project down.  Users will ignore it if they think it is irrelevant.

Avoiding this trouble:

Set up a process for reviewing the projects for standards compliance.   Have them reviewed and fixed.  Get your upper management to understand the need for compliance.  Don’t let projects slide when they are not following the standard.  Take it as far to the top as you need to. Don’t let up.

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One Response to “A Useless CAD Standard – Part 2”

  1. I like the part of having a process for enforcement. A team of engineers and I are working on a plan to standardize the way standard parts (AN, NAS, and MS parts) are modeled in CAD, named, and located. After reading this, I expanded the section on the implementation. Hopefully all the typing, emailing, and meetings we’ve done will not in vain. As I read here, we should make the standard 99.9% complete but we’ll need management backing to have it enforced. We’ll see. I hope you keep writing and don’t focus on the negative comments.

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