CADDManager on April 27th, 2008

Well – nothing like waiting until the last minute…

The last day to submit proposals for Autodesk University 2008 (Las Vegas, Dec. 2008) was Sunday the 27th. So I just got in under the wire. You can actually help define the classes that will be presented at AU 2008. This is something new. You can vote on your options…


I submitted the following:

CAD Leadership – 2008 – Some offices seem to hum with productivity; others struggle with differing opinions and methods. And some never seem to advance in the use of their software tools. What makes the difference? Often the answer is CAD leadership and the CAD Manager. Who you are will make a deeper impact on your firm and the office CAD productivity output. Come and find out key concepts you can use to create the environment for positive technology use. Practical – real world advice on taking the next step in your career.

CAD Manager Career Path – Some people stumble into CAD Management. Others strive to get there but never seem to make it. There may actually be a well defined path to travel. We will discuss what you need to get the job, how to hold on to the job and how to advance your career to the next level. No matter where you are on the ladder of success, you will come away with practical time tested ways to move up.

Preventative CAD Management – Preventative (or Proactive) CAD Management involves the concept of setting up processes and guidelines in order to prevent things from going wrong. Reactive management just responds to problems as they come up. This is part of the job, but can often settle you into the rut of responsiveness. Responding to, but not avoiding problems. Just like changing the oil in your car is a preventative measure, there are some things you can put into place to avoid having troubles later on.

and a couple of new ones…

Common Sense CAD – Most people never really think about what they are doing in CAD.They never know the unwritten rules. They just keep doing the things that they were taught and don’t think about the reasons they do them. We will discuss the undiscussed rules of CAD. Those areas that get violated every day by someone. Are you using your common sense when you use CAD?

BIM Manager – The Newest Position – BIM Manager, BIM Leader, BIM Coach, BIM Coordinator. Just some of the titles being handed out to those forward thinking BIM leaders.  There is a new position that is developing as BIM progresses. It is one dedicated to overseeing BIM projects. Is it different that CAD Manager? Is it the same? What duties should a BIM Manager be doing? What are the same? Is this a short term evolution or is the CAD Manager being replaced? Discover what it takes to be a BIM Manager.

I am not sure which ones – if any – will be selected.

Check out more on AU 2008 here

Are you planning on attending?

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