CADDManager on November 26th, 2007

I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday for some pre AU events.

I spent the day on Monday with the AUGI Board of Directors developing plans for future AUGI programs, events, and offerings.

Then it was on the AUGI Leadership Conference. We had over 125 people involved. This was a dedicated time for leaders to develop their skills at starting and maintaining Local User Groups and Chapters.

I met up with leaders from Portland, Ft. Wayne and Reno. There were very interested in getting new ideas for user groups and moving their groups forward.

Tomorrow I present on the CAD Manager Career Path: How to Climb the Ladder. Here is a snippet from the presentation:

Benefits of a CAD Management Career Ladder

  • The Ladder is easy to climb (to a point). Going from one rung to another can be a methodical process. Moving to the next level is a fairly straight forward progression.
  • The Ladder is extensible. You can move beyond CAD Management to other areas of technology management and leadership.
  • The Ladder is transferable. You will gain and use very transferable skills during your
    progression and tenure as CAD Manager.
  • The career cannot be outsourced. Management is not like CAD Drafting. Some one in another country cannot take your place. Management is a hands-on, face to face, people interactive function. Long distance CAD Management is tough.

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