CADDManager on April 3rd, 2007

When thinking of what needs fixing in your CAD files keep in mind that most people don’t care about the small stuff. They care about the big things. They do not fix things that are not broken and their definition of broken may mean something different.

“Broken” to the CAD Manager means it does not match the CAD Standard. To the not so picky user, “broken” means the file is corrupt and fails to open or does not output to the plotter correctly. If they can get the file to plot in a way that reflects their desired print, they are happy.

To the not so picky Cad’er, if they can wrestle the file into a good hard copy then nothing is wrong. Or the things that are wrong are just small things. People don’t fix small things. They think… “If I don’t need to fix it to get a good plot, it is not broken”.

To counteract this line of thinking you should reinforce the need for sharing files with others. When other drafters start looking at the “not so picky” persons work, they start to care a lot more. They see casual layer naming and random aspects of consistency. They find that the files are harder to work with. Productivity declines.

The point is not to wait until everyone agrees the something is broken, it is to practice preventative processes.

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