CADDManager on April 2nd, 2007

Sometimes CAD Managers have trouble getting their company leadership to understand their needs. The thinking goes something like this…

CAD Manager: “If they only knew what I know, they would care about my concerns”

Is this true? If the managers that you work with actually knew as much about CAD as you do, would they also share your intensity of concern about CAD issues?

I think not – and here is why…

1. They have other concerns that you don’t know about. You do not have the same level of understanding for their positions as you have for your own. They have many valid concerns that overshadow their concern about CAD. Project deadlines, technical content, quality control, etc. They are very busy worrying about their own set of concerns.

2. They often do know a lot about CAD. If they have been at this for very long, they have developed a long history with CAD also. Sometimes they may even know more than you, and yet their level of alarm at your issues remains constant.

3. CAD really does not appear on their radar – unless there are problems. Most Project Management level people and above spend little time dealing with CAD issues. The higher up the ladder, the less they need to think about them. Most managers think about CAD less that 5% of the time and many not even 1% of the time in a typical week.

4. They expect you to think about these things and fix them. They pay you to make things work. They depend upon you to get things running smoothly so they will not have to worry about them.

So keep this in mind… they don’t really want to worry about CAD and your job is to make that happen.

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