CADDManager on March 16th, 2005

Fairly common requirements… But if you are on an older machine… Time to Upgrade

Intel® Pentium® III or later, with 800 MHz or faster processor, or compatible
Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1 or SP2 (Professional, Home Edition, or Tablet PC Edition), or Windows® 2000 Professional SP4
512 MB RAM
500 MB free disk space for installation
1024×768 VGA with true color
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
CD-ROM drive
Mouse, trackball, or compatible pointing device

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10 Responses to “AutoCAD 2006 System Requirements”

    March 28th, 2008 at 10:06 PM

    sir or madam

    i m a design engineer in private firm so i want to know about system requirement for Auto CAD 2006. So please guidance to me

    Thanks & regards

    Munawwar H.H. Shaikh

  2. I reposted them. Sorry – they somehow got removed.

  3. maybe these are the requirements for working with lines but i have files that are 10mb (only lines) and my computer has Pentium 4 Processor (3GHz), 1 GB memory and a 512 MB video card and still experiencing some lag. so u better tell us what kind of drawings are u working (do u use inserted images)?

    best configuration will be 2 – 4 Gb of ram, 512 or greater video card and 3+ Ghz procesor.

  4. how about the video card? what brand are we going to use?
    i’m going to use a 3d modelling application, can you tell me what are the possible specs i must provide for my laptop not to hang up?

    if you dont mind, please email me a copy of your answers to my questions because i seldom visit on this site.

    thank you and more power!

  5. Hi all,
    Will autocad 2006 works in windows Xp Service pack3 machine?

  6. How to install Auto Cad 2006 on windows 7 professional os

  7. In Answer to KA Janaka.
    To use Autocad 2006 on Windows 7 Professional, you need to have Windows Virtual PC on it and a configured Windows XP Mode on Virtual PC. Start Windows XP Mode and then insert your Installation-CD of Autocad 2006. Install the Software as usual with your serial-number.. and then enjoy it !!!

  8. dear sir or Madam,
    i’m the biginner of the autocad so please tell me what are the suitable autocad version to practice me?

  9. @Narada Undugoda

    DEar u can try any version for learning the software.

    2006 onwards are really coool for learning while new version Autocad 2009 onwards there is change in user interface but basic are still the same as 2006 or 2002.

    try 2012 if available try with student version on low cost.

  10. see its not important to pay attention on the computer hardware and blaming on it for low performances . in this case the hanging of software during higher workloads . its all about maintaining your system in a efficient way .
    make sure u dont install the autocad software in the c drive . install it in a partition other than C where windows in installed
    secondly make sure your temporary files are cleared once in a week
    thirdly make sure there arent a lot of programs running in the background
    u can check them at task manager – processes – list of processes
    fourth : try increasing the page file of ur system
    for more info on page file … google about it and u will techniques to increease it

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