CADDManager on February 28th, 2005

A survey conducted by temporary staffing company Accountemps now gives visibility to the most annoying jargon smattered about offices throughout corporate America. According to the 150 senior executives polled…

As identified by the Accountemps survey

1. At the end of the day
2. Solution
3. Thinking outside the box
4. Synergy
5. Paradigm
6. Metrics
7. Take it offline
8. Redeployed people
9. Core Competency
10. Win-win
11. Value-added
12. Get on the same page
13. Customer-centric
14. Generation X
15. Alignment

What might we find if we polled 150 CAD Managers?
As identified by thinking

1. Latest and Greatest
2. Latest Release
3. CAD Guru
4. Migration
5. Pain Point
6. At this point in time
7. ???

Let me know what terms annoy you…

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10 Responses to “15 MOST ANNOYING CLICHES”

  1. If you watch the Apprentice they are always bitching about “Skill Set”

    Ric Hammond

  2. Q: When do you need that?
    A: “Yesterday”

  3. “Guru” would have to be one of my Top 10 all time least favorite words used at work. Esp CAD Guru!

  4. “going forward” to mean from now on.

    think _____ e.g. “Think ‘Bladerunner’” to mean “such as in the movie Bladerunner” (this one was especially popular in newspapers and magazines about a year ago)

    I also hate it when people must “grapple” with difficult issues.

    How about these:

    “collaboration tools”
    “enterprise-wide deployment”


  5. “It is what it is ..”

    Definitely CAD Guru too.

  6. Kindly add “Repurposing”.

    I was watching HGTV the other day and the Architect made a comment to the effect of “We repurposed the sidewalk concrete by demolishing it and using it for the walkway.” Ay yi yi.

    Thanks for an excellent Blog.

  7. “No Brainer” drives me crazy!!!

  8. I would have thought “Having said that…” and “send a message” would be right up there on the annoying list.

  9. I adding my most annoying cliche to the list–tip of the iceburg.People in the news media overuse this cliche. If I was paid a dollar for every time I heard a news reporter use this cliche, I would become a millionaire.
    Since people in the news media have degrees in journalism, they should say something original instead of this overused cliche.

  10. Most anticipated (By who? I couldn’t care less!!)

    Walk-off home run (What is this, a Broadway play?)

    24/7 (How over-used is that one?)

    Basically (Think of another way to start a sentence!)

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