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My Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts

Your Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts

September Poll Results - checking email?

Survey - When was the last time you got formal training?

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I have past a milestone.  I posted the 501st post on my blog. In honor of the occasion, I have looked backwards to see what was done.

Here are my top 10 personal favorites topics… in no particular order


BAD CAD Management Habits - Series

Does Good CAD Really Matter?

Your Best User

Your Worst User

How differing levels of CAD expertise infect your files

The Four “T”s of CAD - series

CAD Shredders

Better - Not Perfect

Making Change Happen

Your Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts

And your favorites - ranked - based on hits…

AutoCAD 2006 - Print a list of shortcut keys

AutoCAD 2007 System requirements

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD 2007 Xrefs - Relative Paths

Book Review - Revit Training Manual 2009 by Ascent

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys

Converting STB to CTB

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts - PDF

AutoCAD License Types


September - Poll Results

Training - have you taken any lately?

October 2008 Survey

Which format are you using for non DWG or DGN file/data exchange?

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BIM Participants Wanted

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October  - 2008

I am super busy getting my AU 2008 classes in order and slipped on the Journal publishing a little.

So here are some top Tens you can look at.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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