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Fairness – Principles of CAD Management

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Fayol calls it Equity.  I call it treating people right.

His concept is not to just give people what they deserve, which is justice, but to give them what would be considered kindness.  This is being gracious in place of demanding.  Understanding in place of legalistic requirements.

Treating people and specifically those that work with you and for you with the utmost kindness and gentleness will go farther than strictness and no compassion.  It does not mean that you have no rules or deadlines or consequences for actions.  It means that you do have these things sprinkled with understanding, flexibility (at times) and a listening ear.

How this works out in the workplace is that you treat all people with fairness and kindness.  This is not saying that you are a cowering leader or a watered down manager.  On the contrary, you need to be strong and dynamic in your focus on getting things done. But not at the expense of relationships.  You need to balance your project focus and your people focus.

Getting things done and leaving a trail of disgruntled employees in your wake will make the next project even tougher to complete.  Getting things done on time by driving people too hard will make them reticent to work with you in the future. Not too soft and not too hard.  Kind of like the three bears beds.  If you are too soft with people, things won’t get done.  If you are too hard, people won’t want to work with you.  It is a delicate dance at times.

Being fair with people and treating them with equity and equality means:


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