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How to Respect a CAD Manager - or anyone else for that matter...

Finding Productivity

April Survey Review

Survey - Upgrading to 2009?

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How to Respect a CAD Manager - or anyone else for that matter...

Are you talkin’ to me? – Robert De Niro brought this line into popular culture in the mid seventies.

No one likes to be talked down to or insulted. No one likes to be ignored or swept aside. Neither do CAD Managers. But some CAD Managers feel ignored, under respected, overlooked, misunderstood, cut short when expressing their opinions and generally thought of as being underlings to everyone.

I usually write things for CAD Managers to do or be. But this time around I am writing to everyone who interacts with them. I am asking others to step into the CAD Managers shoes and think about things.

Being in a service oriented profession CAD Managers are use to serving others and most do it with vigor. They do not look for the accolades, external rewards and incentives that others require. They tend to be self sufficient and intrinsically rewarded by doing a good job. But they also seek to establish partnerships with all employees in an effort to improve productivity, quality and output.


Finding Productivity

Every CAD Manager has the task of finding productivity enhancements. It never ends. We should always be looking for better, quicker, more stable, advanced ways of getting things done. So where do we look for these things? How do we spot areas that could be improved? First thing out of the gate let me say that maintaining things is actually helping productivity.

If all you do to maintain the current level of productivity in your office, you are actually gaining. This is because productivity always spirals down. People get lazy, mistakes are made, we settle into sloppy habits. Just keeping the active level of attention focused on the continuation of the status quo is better than inattentive relaxed ambivalence.

But if you are looking to improve things, where do you look?  Let’s break it down to some simple topics...


April Survey Review

The April survey was concerned with upgrades. Are you moving? If so then?

This is just a snippet…  Click here to see the whole thing.





May 2008 Survey

Which do you wish you had more of? Pick two...

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May - 2008

Two unrelated articles this month.  I must be thinking in two different directions...


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