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June, 2011

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Principles of CAD Management

Division of Work



One CAD Boss

AUGI Article: New Hire Orientation

Principles of CAD Management

Henri Fayol (1841-1925) was a French mining engineer who went on to become Director of Mines with over 1000 employees.  His company flourished and was the largest producer of steel and iron in France during his days.  In 1916 he published his perspectives in the book “Administration Industrielle et Générale”.  Included in his book are [...]

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Division of Work
Henri Fayol’s first principle is division of work.  Today some call this division of labor. This consists of dividing the work up to make things more efficient.  Everyone would agree that this helps.  Many hands make the job lighter.  Fayol was not talking about just throwing more people at a problem.  The principle is that [...]

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Authority, according to Fayol, is the principle that managers have the right to give orders with the expectation of obedience. Authority is something that is granted to people.  I believe that all authority is good is granted.  Authority can be demanded, taken or usurped, but in order for it to really work for the betterment,it [...]

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Rules Do you like them or dislike them?  Maybe it has to do with who made them.  If you made them, then you will like them.  If others make them then you may not.  No one dislikes a rule that they created.  Unless of course it is a rule of discipline that will make gains [...]

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One CAD Boss

How many bosses do you have?  Please leave a comment and let us know. Fayol postulated that everyone should have one boss.  He reflected that employees need to know that they have one person that will give them directions.  He believed that every employee should have only one superior. That the chain of command was [...]

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AUGI Article

New Hire Orientation

New hires can make a big difference in your firm. Whether this difference is good or bad depends, to a degree, on how you approach new employee orientation.

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