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May, 2011

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Seven Functions of a CAD Manager

CAD Manager as Planner

CAD Manager as Organizer

CAD Manager as Leader

BIM Manager - Who decides what you buy?

AUGI Article: Sharing Information

Survey results

Seven Functions of a CAD Manager
What seven functions do you think every CAD Manager should do?  I will cover the first three in this Journal.  

Mary Parker Follett (1868–1933), was an American social worker, management consultant and pioneer in the fields of organizational theory and organizational behavior.  She wrote on topics in the early twentieth century, defining Management as “the art of getting things done through people”.  She outlined many philosophical perspectives that have trickled down over the years to now be [...]

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One - CAD Manager as Planner
I have covered a good amount of this with my Strategic Planning posts, but there is also some additional ideas I want to bring forward. CAD Managers should always be planning.  Short term and long term planning.  Planning their days and weeks and months. Mapping out what they need to do today,tomorrow and next week. [...]

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Two - CAD Manager as Organizer

Are you an organized person? CAD Managers are called on to organize things.  Processes, procedures, structures, organizations, staff, budgets…  the list just keeps on going.  There are software tools, books, systems, charts and so much more that help people get organized.  Some are better than others at organizing.  I think it is a sign of [...]

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Three - CAD Manager as Leader

I have written extensively on this topic.  CAD Managers need to become CAD Leaders.  They need to move beyond managing and enter the leadership arena. Here are some highlights and posts that you should read.  [...]

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BIM Manager Survey 2010 - Who decides what to buy?

I asked about the purchasing process to see what level of influence BIM Managers might have in the purchasing process.

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AUGI Article

Sharing Information

“You need to share”. Most of us have heard these words from an early age coming out of our mother’s mouth or maybe from our kindergarten teacher.  We may even pass these words on to our kids as we see them become self-centered or selfish.  It must have sunk into my psyche – because I still operate in an open manner.

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What functions do you perform every day.  CAD Managers, like other managers, have several that appear regularly in thieir workflow.

Do you know what they are?

Mark W. Kiker


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