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AU 2008 Review

Common Sense CAD

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  A R T I C L E S

AU 2008 Review


A lot of you may not have attended Autodesk University, so here are my recaps.

Autodesk University - Day Zero

Autodesk University 2008 - Day One

Autodesk University 2008 - Day Two

Autodesk University 2008 - Live Streaming - we did some live streaming from the show floor - the link is dead now, but was fun while it was up.

Autodesk University 2008 -Day Three

Autodesk University 2008 - Day Four

Common Sense CAD

Common Sense CAD is something that I think is disappearing.

I prepared a class for this topic at AU 2008 that was refined and delivered by John Morgan, my fellow AUGI Board member.

I was shocked a while back to talk to a CAD Staff person about the knowledge level of new hires in his firm. He shared that the employees that are being hired do not know some of the most common commands and concepts of CAD. He commented on how they have not learned these things in college or on the job elsewhere. Most of the early career employees have not had the time to learn the most common of habits in CAD. Many have not been offered or taken many CAD classes in school.

So what would you pass on as the most Common Sense CAD wisdom? What is the most rudimentary level of knowledge that you think a person needs to know? What information do you think is so “obvious” that no one tells anyone else about it?

I have written on this topic before on my blog and want to continue the discussion here in the Journal…

Here are the links to some of the topics I have already covered.

Common Sense CAD

Common Sense CAD - More

Common Sense CAD - Part 3

Common Sense CAD - Part 4

Here are a few things that are overlooked, not mentioned in CAD Standards or generally thought to be common knowledge so no one really highlights them anymore.

Read the rest online...

BIM Manager Blog

I created a new blog specifically for BIM Management issues. I will be blogging on the people and process side of BIM.  Some of these topics may overlap with CAD Management, but many will specifically address BIM.  I just started this - so stay tuned as more content is added.

Go to the
BIM Manager Blog

BIM Participants Wanted


- join my BIM Manager Group on Google
- or just send me an email asking to be involved.

Are you wondering how many BIM Managers are out there?  Here are the results of the recent AUGI Salary Survey showing the ratio of CAD Managers to BIM Managers.  This shows the number of respondents to the survey that selected one title or the other.  This gives you a rough idea of how they compare in a rough ratio.



CADD Manager Archives on

I have written much for AUGI - the Autodesk User Group International.  I assume that some of you are members, but maybe not all.  So I have collected up my writings from AUGI HotNews, AUGI's monthly email newsletter.  I have covered a lot of topics in those writings and I wanted to share them.


Connect to AUGI (Join first) and see these articles in their fullness here

November - Poll Results

I had money on my mind because I was going through my budgeting process at work. So I was wondering how you all were involved in software and hardware purchases.

There are a lot more survey and poll results on my site. Take a look. 

December 2008 Poll

What were your top two accomplishments in 2008?  Standards, Upgrades, Training?

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December  - 2008

Man have I been busy. I have not had much time to post on the blog, update my survey or even think.

I am hoping to get some time over the holidays to refresh my site a little, add content and get organized. 

I hope you all have a Joyous Holiday Season,  blessed Christmas Time and a Happy New Year.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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