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AU 2008 Preview

CAD Leadership

BIM Manager

Preventative CAD Management

Book Review - Introducing Autodesk Inventor 2009 - by Thom Tremblay

AUGI at AU - What AUGI has planned

October Survey results

  A R T I C L E S

AU 2008 Preview

I know that many of you are not attending AU 2008.  Autodesk University has been and continues to be the premiere event for training and networking.  If you are unable to attend - you can get some of my presentations in this newsletter.  I have cut excerpts from my presentations below.

These are just snippets from the presentations, but they have value in and of themselves.  Even when not fully explained. Some of these will be expanded upon on my blog after AU.

CAD Leadership

I suggest you get a book that has some very valuable lessons - It is called "What got you here, Won't get you there" - by Marshall Goldsmith

In that book he mentions several items that will hold you back from making progress in your efforts to lead others.  Here is the list.

Twenty Habits that will hold you back
1. Winning too much (at all costs)
2. Adding too much value to yourself (saying - "I already knew that")
3. Passing Judgment on others opinions
4. Making destructive comments (sarcasm)
5. Starting with “No, But or However”
6. Telling others how smart you are
7. Speaking when angry
8. Negativity – “that will never work”
9. Withholding information
10. Failing to give proper recognition to others
11. Claiming credit that you do not deserve (or failing to speak up when someone gives you the credit)
12. Making excuses (blaming others or writing it off)
13. Clinging to the past
14. Playing Favorites
15. Refusing to express regret
16. Not listening
17. Failing to express gratitude
18. Punishing the Messenger
19. Passing the buck
20. Excessive need to be “Me”

BIM Manager

This is the latest emerging position to oversee technology.  What does it take to get there?  Is it just the next step in CAD Management?

Is BIM Management just CAD Management 2.0 ?

- Many of the same skills are used in both
- Many of the same career stages are the same
- Many of the management problems are the same
- BIM is wrapped tighter to the design process
- BIM Management (at this time) requires more project team interaction
- BIM is not encumbered by the legacy processes of CAD
- BIM impacts more than just the tech tools
- BIM is a narrower focused process and tool for facility design

Preventative CAD Management

The 5 “T’s” of CAD Management - I started out with four but ended up with 5
Tools - Talent - Technology – Training - Time

relates to the ones that you select. Which ones will you use? What will you use them for?

relates to who is using the tools. Do they have a gut level understanding of how they are used? Do they get it? Do they push the limits?

is your approach to using the tools and the talent. Who gets to use what? What mix can they have? When do they select the tools? When do you push toward the next great tech tool.

is how you get everyone there. Provide it and you succeed. Let it laps and your best tools and talent go stale.

– just give it all time to work

Read these in their fullness here

Introducing Autodesk Inventor 2009 - by Thom Tremblay - Sybex - Wiley Publishing

First off – I am not an Inventor user. So my understanding of this tool is at the lowest level. I have been admiring this tool from the outside, but never have had the time to enter the lobby, let alone get on the elevator to the top floors. So my review will be as a new user – one that has never opened the tool.

Second – This is an introductory book. Novices pay attention. New users – this is for you. If you are investigating the use of this tool, then this book will give you a good view of the landscape.

Third – Never underestimate an introductory book. Every bookshelf should be filled with the first step books that we all have read. And even thought this book is an introduction to Inventor, it is stuffed with good advice. Even if you are advanced user, you may find a nugget here that you flew past on your climb up the learning curve into the upper atmosphere.


AUGI at AU - What AUGI has planned

Top 10 Reasons to go...

Reasoning with Management...

twitter | AUGIatAU

Top DAUG Contest

AUGI Annual Meeting

AUGI Annual Beer Bust

AU Picture Gallery

October - Poll Results

There is an overwhelming amount of PDF use among you.  This does not surprise me.  I have been using PDF's for a long time.  Autodesk still pushes DWF - and I admit that there is more functionality with w DWF, but it must not be the functionality that is needed or demanded.

November 2008 Survey

How involved are you in your CAD Budget and purchasing?  Do you create a budget?  Are you the bottom line on purchasing?

Take the Survey... upper right of the home page.

BIM Participants Wanted

- join my BIM Manager Group on Google
- or just send me an email asking to be involved.


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November  - 2008

AU 2008 is coming up.  I know that a lot of you will not be attending so I have shared a little taste of my classes


Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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