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10 CAD Management Problems You May Not Know You Have

Ten CAD Management Problems - the First Five

Ten CAD Management Problems - The Second Five

August Poll Results - checking email?

Survey - When was the last time you got formal training?

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10 CAD Management Problems You May Not Know You Have

Most CAD Managers have a good handle on their environment.  Most have a good "feel" for what shape their files are in.  Most have a positive perspective on things going well.

But what about the things that you may not know about.  What about those hidden things that pop up at the most inopportune times. What is happening that you don't know about...

By keeping your radar tuned into the things that you may overlook, you can find and fix some of the unspoken troubles that may come up. Stay on your toes and don’t let smooth sailing lull you into a sense of “everything is alright”. There may be an iceberg just under the surface looming on the horizon.



Ten CAD Management Problems - the First Five

Read the first five here...





Ten CAD Management Problems - the Second Five

Read the second five here...





August - Poll Results

Email - how often do you check it?

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September 2008 Survey

When was the last time you got formal training?

Have you gotten any

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BIM Survey Participants Wanted


I am putting together a survey of BIM Managers and BIM Support staff.

Do you have the title of BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator or anything with BIM in the title? Do you oversee the BIM software use at your firm? Do you coordinate BIM project efforts or standards?

I would like your help with a few short surveys about BIM Support and software use.

I will use the data collected to develop a class for Autodesk University that is focused on BIM Managers.

Here is the class outline:

BIM Manager - The Newest Position - BIM Manager, BIM Leader, BIM Coach, BIM Coordinator. Just some of the titles being handed out to those forward thinking BIM leaders. There is a new position that is developing as BIM progresses. It is one dedicated to overseeing BIM projects. Is it different that CAD Manager? Is it the same? What duties should a BIM Manager be doing? What are the same? Is this a short term evolution or is the CAD Manager being replaced? Discover what it takes to be a BIM Manager.

Want to participate in the surveys?

- join my BIM Manager Group on Google
- or just send me an email asking to be involved.


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September  - 2008

How many times have you thought that things were going pretty smooth, just to find out that something you never thought of had gone wrong?

That is the focus of this months Journal.


Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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