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Identifying CAD Project Killers

Book Review - Revit Training Manual 2009 by Ascent

July Poll Results

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Identifying CAD Project Killers

There are many stumbling blocks that cause projects to get derailed. There are plenty of design challenges that your team may face. These are specific to your discipline and industry. You may be struggling with a manufactured part or the interaction of systems or the best way to layout a parking lot or the situating of a building on a site plan. Whatever these brain teasers may be, they differ from project to project. Each time you put mouse to monitor, you have to wrestle with the projects design and getting that design into the systems and out to manufacturing, fabrication or construction.

Will your projects put you in a pine box? 

If taken one at a time you will be able to get you project back on track. But if too many of these things happen to the same project it can soon become a full fledged train wreck.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that may influence the progress of your team.


Book Review - Revit Training Manual 2009 by Ascent


I received a copy of the Ascent Revit Training Manual for 2009.

Almost 340 pages of Revit focused tutorials, training, tips, tricks, quizzes and more.

It starts off with a bang discussing Building Information Modeling concepts, Revit Terminology, so you get to know the terms, and then jumps into an Overview of the Revit Interface and Starting Revit Projects. It includes a Command Summary cheat sheet so you can get up to speed quickly.

I reviewed the PDF version and it contains bookmarks and internal links that jump to the exact topic that you need.

Each topic is completed by a step by step tutorial and...



July - Poll Results

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August - 2008

There are many ways to mess up a project. 

We take a look at some that can compound your troubles.  Especially when you have more than one of these on your project. 


Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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