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CAD Manager - Efficient and Effective

Every Project is Mine

Users and Choosers

Conversation with a Customizer

Survey- What software are you using?

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CAD Manager - Efficient and Effective

When thinking of what a CAD Manager should focus on, their could be an endless list of things that need to be done. CAD Standards, troubleshooting, upgrades, etc. But when given the option of how to focus our time, we have fewer options. We can choose to be efficient or effective, or neither or both.

Efficient means “producing a result with the least waste”. It means to gets the job done with little waste of time and energy.

Effective means “producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect”. When given the chance a CAD Manager should focus on being effective.

Most of the CAD Manager training, teaching and such leans toward being efficient. I am not say that this is wrong, but it cannot stop at that point. While it is true that we must look for ways to increase productivity and reduce waste, we must also look for the best areas to make progress. If we fail to prioritize the right things, then we may fail to be effective.


Every Project is Mine

Of all of the perspective that I can think of that a CAD Manager should have, this one is near the top of the list.

CAD Managers should act like every project is their responsibility. Each file belongs to them. Every office is their office. Improving all productivity is their goal.

Taking ownership of everything that CAD touches is what a CAD Manager should be all about. Every process is theirs. Every standard, every layer, every linetype. It all belongs to the CAD Manager.

When a CAD Manager moves to this level of ownership they should do it before others “assign them” this task.


Users and Choosers

Users of software are the end recipients of developer solutions.  They use the tools to interpret their designs.   They transfer the ideas out their heads and onto the computer via the software.  They use the software to communicate and define the construction and fabrication to others.

However…  They are not the ones that define the selection criteria, research and review products, or define the budgets for purchases.

Chooser are those that actually select the software tools that a firm will apply to the given design process.   They are focused on the getting the best tool to do the job for an “appropriate” amount of money with the least training demand on the users.  They are responsible for researching, reviewing and selecting the tools that they and others will  use every day.

However…  They may not actually use the software every day.

What advantage does one give over the other?



Conversation with a Customizer

I interviewed Jesse Wheat - a long term customizer and good friend. Jesse has been customizing CAD since “way back”. He works in the Civil Engineering sector for DMJM Harris | AECOM. He has created many tools over the years that have saved countless hours for the end users.

CADD Manager Journal: How long have you been customizing CAD?



March 2008 Survey

Someone asked me recently what the percentage of software titles are in use.  I did not know, so I figured I would just ask.

Take the March Survey - What software are you using?


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