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Critical Conversations about CAD

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When things happen in CAD that need to be addressed and discussed, there is always a good and a bad time to have the conversation surrounding the situation.  There are violations of CAD Standards, shoddy work, flawed processes, off track procedures and so much more that can derail a good CAD project.

How do you get these things back in line?  Who and when do you talk to people about it?  Does the PM need to know?  Can you insert yourself in the CAD flow and talk to those doing the design work?  Is what you are bringing up going to knock the project off its timeline?  Is it really that big a deal?

Over the next few post I will look at these and more items centered around when you might have what I call Critical Conversations about CAD.  As I do, I will suggest why, when and how and also provide a framework for words to use and escalation steps – when to take it to a higher level.

First let’s discuss why you should be having critical conversations about CAD.

So since other may not see the problems or be motivated to discuss them, I think it is incumbent upon the CAD or BIM Manager to speak up.

Next post…  What might trigger a critical conversation?



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