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Embracing BIM - Change is in your Future

Extent of BIM tools in use

BIM Project Teams

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Embracing BIM - Change is in your Future

Embracing BIM will require profound changes in the way Architects and Engineers work at almost every level within design. BIM not only requires learning new software, but also requires learning how to reinvent work flow, staffing and design responsibilities.  This shift in the design process allows us to rethink many of the common methods and perspectives we have today about how we get design out the Architects mind and into the built environment.

The National Building Information Model Standard Project Committee defines BIM as:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.


Extent of BIM tools in use in the industry

Don't get me wrong.  I think BIM is coming on strong.  But I have some concerns about the reality of the pace of it's expansion.  

I think that we should all move in the direction of BIM now.  But I have some question as to how many have moved and how far they have moved.  I have no doubt that some are blazing trails and using BIM extensively if not exclusively, but that may not be the norm.

Autodesk announced that in 2006 they shipped 70,000 seats of Revit.  On June 8, 2006 they stated that the achieved the milestone of 100,000 seats of Revit were installed worldwide.  Current numbers are approaching 140,000 (or so I've heard).

While this number is celebrated by Autodesk, it seems small in comparison the nearly 7,000,000 (a number I have heard used) seats of AutoCAD that are in use.

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BIM Project Teams

Project teams are usually smaller than those needed for traditional CAD.  They also span the overall talent needed from start to finish.  Revit projects push more DD and CD phase work to the front of the process.  Teams must be mixture of talent in design, code analysis, ADA requirements and other mid and late design expertise from the beginning of the project. 

Team creation and memberships should be discussed prior to project kickoff.  Getting the right people on the right job is critical.  No longer can we just apply someone to a project because they have the free time.

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National BIM Standard Version 1, Part 1 is out for Industry Review

Here is a portion of the press release. Take a look...

Washington, DC—The first version of the National Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standard (NBIMS) was released for a two month industry review period today. The document titled "NBIMS Version 1, Part 1, Overview, Principles and Methodology" provides the capital facilities industry with its first comprehensive look at the full scope of requirements for BIM. The review period will span from March 12, 2007 until May 21, 2007.

Those interested in reviewing the document can obtain it from the NIBS at the following link:  National BIM Standard™ web site.

This document is the first to be issued under the new NIBS buildingSMART™ Alliance initiative announced February 27, 2007.

February 2007 - Survey Says

The Job Hunt

When it comes to looking for a job it is interesting that most people said the found their current job by connecting with a friend but will find their next one by connecting to the internet.

Has the internet really changed the way we look for work or is it just an easy first point to start the hunt.

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A BIM Believer

I am a big believer in BIM.  I want it to advance in development and use. 

Some of the statements I make in this edition may be interpreted as saying that BIM is no big deal.  I am not saying that.  I think BIM is a big deal.  I think that the hype may have outgrown the facts.  So I try to figure out what is really going on.

I am also looking to define some of the project issues.

So my perspective is...

Get on the BIM Bus or risk missing the next big thing...

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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